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Personal Birth Horoscope Natal

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    Birth Horoscope  Pdf
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    This Birth horoscope / Character horoscope is a comprehensive personal birth horoscope of about 10 pages. The interpretation of this  horoscope is written in an easy and free way without a lot of strange technical astrological terms!

    A personal Birth Horoscope can be very revealing, but also edifying. The birth chart reveals both good and bad sides, giving you a chance to develop your weaknesses. Also become more aware of your strengths!

    A personal birth horoscope gives you very exciting reading that is all about you.

    The interpretation of the natal Birth Horoscope is divided into six revealing chapters. The birth chart itself is a birth chart of the Zodiac where all the planets and many other interesting things were drawn at the moment you were born.

    To be able to set a real birth horoscope, the following information is needed, where you were born, and when you were born. If you do not know the time when you were born, you must start from 12:00 on the day because then it can be a maximum of 12 hours wrong.

    Your personal birth chart (horoscope chart) comes with your personal birth horoscope, we normally use Placidus house system, which is the most common in the western world, but if you prefer another house system, you can choose it.

    Our natal chart horoscope is a real bestseller, which we sell in many different languages.