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2. Large Character Horoscope / Large Birth Horoscope  Pdf format 16 €  –  A4 Compendium 22 €

Birth Horoscope natal

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    L Character Horoscope Pdf
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    L Character Horoscope A4
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    This personal birth horoscope (the large character horoscope) is a further development of our birth horoscope. Now divided into 10 chapters and up to about 20 pages.

    If you are interested in a really complete and in-depth personal character horoscope? Then we strongly recommend the Large Birth Horoscope, which addresses even more and interesting topics, is more revealing and even more detailed.

    Even in this personal character horoscope, both your weaknesses and strengths are highlighted so that you can understand and develop yourself!

    This character horoscope is written in a simple and direct language that you do not need to be an astrologer to understand.

    Your personal Horoscope circle / birth chart included! (we normally use placidus hus, but of course if you prefer something else you can choose it: koch, equal, campanus, meridian, etc.)

    To order a really natal horoscope, you need to know when and was you were born.

    (If you do not know your time of birth then you can start from 12:00 on the day, then it can be a maximum of 12 hours wrong. Maybe you know approximately what time of day you were born, in the morning, day, evening or during the night? The city archive at your place of birth , or the hospital where you were born, can sometimes assist with this information)

    Our personal birth horoscopes are absolutely fantastic and very rewarding, fun and developing!