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Free Birth Chart Wheel

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    Free PERSONAL Chart wheel / free Horoscope Circle / free horoscope chart

    Horoscope Circle, Birth Chart, Horoscope Chart or Horoscope Wheel, Dear Child has many names.

    The word Horoscope comes from the Greek and means ”image of the hour” and shows as a pie chart where the planets and different aspects were at the moment you were born, there of birth charts. (Birth chart, natal chart) The horoscope itself is like a map that you use when you make the different interpretations to set a personal horoscope.

    In order for the horoscope to be as accurate as possible, you need both time and place of birth. If you do not know the time then you have to start from 12:00 on the day, then a maximum of 12 hours can be wrong. You can try to find out your date of birth through the state archives at your place or the hospital where you were born.

    Horoscope Circle is divided into twelve different houses, the houses are counted backwards from 1 – 12. House one is located on the left in Horoscope Circle.

    The ascendant is the point in the Zodiac that was on its way up east when you were born and is on the left in the Horoscope Chart (at house number one) and is abbreviated Asc or AC.

    There are lots of different points in a horoscope wheel, planets, and its various aspects, and more, that one must take into account when setting a horoscope.

    Here you can order a personal horoscope circle for free!