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    Free Birth Chart Horoscope

    Free Birth Chart Horoscope? Yes you read that right! We offer a personal horoscope completely FREE!

    We are giving away this Personal Horoscope for FREE just to give you the chance to try one of our fantastic Horoscopes, and hopefully order one of our more advanced Horoscopes. You may be satisfied with this Personal Free Horoscope, and may not want to order anything more. Anyway – whatever you choose – we want to thank you!

    Major Life Theme is a concise and personal horoscope for free on about 3-4 pages that covers life’s biggest events. When interpreting your birth chart, a comprehensive and advanced analysis of a three-planet pattern is made. The interpretation touches on aspects that are important in your life.

    Your personal birth chart will be enclosed with this horoscope! (Normally we use Koch house system; here you can choose which one you want.)

    If you want to order a Personal Horoscope for free – then fill in your information and send it to us!

    Major Life Theme – Personal Horoscope Free – Feel free to tell friends and acquaintances!

    Only one free / person and E-mail address. If you want to order more, they cost 2 € $ £ each. A4 compendium sent to your home address 4 € $ £ each.  (no other fees will be added)