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5. Compatibility Horoscope / Love Horoscope  Pdf format 8 €  –  A4 Compendium 14 € 

Compatibility Partner Horoscope

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    Compatibility Horoscope Pdf
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    Partner horoscope, compatibility horoscope, Love horoscope or Relationship horoscope, dear children have many names.

    This Love Horoscope / Partner horoscope is a Compatibility Horoscope that takes up and analyzes the relationship between you and your partner, or you and your friend, or your love, in a very detailed and entertaining way.

    This Partner horoscope is a professional horoscope that can not be compared at all with simple so-called zodiac horoscopes that are available in the daily press and here online. In order to be able to determine astrologically how to fit together, one must take into account thousands of different aspects and relationships – not just the zodiac signs of the two people.

    You will be amazed at how well the Love Horoscope / Partner Horoscope takes up and describes your relationship in a revealing way.

    This horoscope sheds light on the most important issues in your relationship so that you can sort out and solve any problems that may arise, in a good and sensible way! You will understand each other and appreciate each other in a much better way.

    This horoscope is a much appreciated bestseller – which you really do not want to be without!