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astrological personal points

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    Astrological Personal Points About 3 pages. Are calculated using a comprehensive astrology and horoscope analysis. The astrology and horoscope analysis interprets 25 astrological categories. A high value indicates that the category matches you. Astrology and Horoscope analysis Personal Points addresses and shows both strengths and weaknesses in you.

    The weaknesses that you may find out, you can hopefully develop and improve! In this way, this astrological analysis can help and improve your life in a positive way.

    Take advantage of your strengths and try to improve your weaknesses! This horoscope can be used as a valuable resource for you if you want to develop yourself!

    If you are two or more and order the astrological horoscope analysis Personal Points, you can compare and discuss each other’s strengths and weaknesses, which can be very developing.

    To set a real horoscope, it is necessary to know when (time) and where you were born. If you do not know what time of day you were born, you must start from 12:00 Then it can be a maximum of 12 hours wrong!

    You can not compare this horoscope with simpler so-called zodiac signs horoscope. You can not divide people into 12 different Zodiac signs and say that you make serious Horoscopes.

    When we set a horoscope, we work with thousands of different aspects from the horoscope itself, which is the circle that shows where all the planets and other important points stood at the moment you were born!