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astrologICAL graphic future analysis

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    04 Graphic Future Analysis

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    Astrological Graphic Future Analysis is a Graphic Future Analysis that shows graphically how much you are affected by different influences for each day, the redder a day is the stronger the influence. The Graphic Future Analysis can be used as a yearly horoscopes, monthly horoscope, and weekly horoscope or as a daily horoscope!

    Personal future horoscope analyzes graphically every day, and can be compared to an almanac. Here you can see when any, or some, of the 14 categories are high or low. You can use the Graphic Future Analysis as a Horoscope of the Day, or select the period you want.

    Graphic Future Analysis is a personal future horoscope that graphically shows when you are at the top and should act, and also when the influences are a little weaker and then maybe you should take it a little calmer, and maybe wait for your time.

    Graphic Future Analysis is very interesting, rewarding and very accurate! You will be amazed at how good it is!

    Our graphical future analysis is calculated using your personal birth chart, how the planets and other important points stood at the time you were born, and how the planets etc. stand for the days the analysis is done, how you will be affected by influences in the future!

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