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    Compatibility Points Pdf
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    ASTROLOGY PERSONAL POINTS For partners or friends

    Personal points is a short horoscope report of about 2 – 3 pages. The partner horoscope calculates with the help of two – person birth charts how many points each of the approximately eight categories receives. The higher the astrological score, the better you fit together!

    The relationship horoscope takes up both strong and more challenging aspects of a relationship. In this way, the Personal Points can help so that you can understand each other in a more in-depth way, and strengthen the weak areas, so that your relationship can be improved! The personal points are a much appreciated relationship horoscope between two people.

    Partner horoscopes work just as well for friends, partners or in the field of love.

    The Astrological compatibility points are calculated using how all the planets and different things are in the two people’s Zodiac. Not just the two-person zodiac sign, which is the most common in slightly simpler horoscopes online and in the weekly press. The partner horoscope really goes into depth and is a very popular relationship horoscope that gives you information about things that need to be highlighted.

    Both strengths and weaknesses are highlighted and can also identify areas that can be very challenging.

    This horoscope is very rewarding and can get any relationship, or love affair, on the right course!

    This is no ordinary Zodiac horoscope based solely on the sign in which you were born. This horoscope takes into account thousands of different aspects.